Nationwide Sanitation Program Evaluation and Project Design (Indonesia). Reviewed a 20 year, $1 billion SANIMAS program to provide sanitation to over 25,000 communities throughout Indonesia. Conducted written and onsite surveys; evaluated institutional constraints; reviewed sanitation technology performance; assessed regulatory requirements; and recommended program improvements, new technologies, climate adaptation investments and a financing program for the next phase.

Global Desalination and Wastewater Reuse Market Survey and Investment Recommendations. Reviewed existing and new desalination technologies; reviewed market and climate mitigation/adaptation options; recommended technology and financial partners; and provided a financial framework for large-scale investments.

Climate Adaptation Design for Cambodia Irrigation System. Recommended options for integrating climate adaptation and smart water features for a large irrigation system upgrade. Prepared scopes of work, financial estimates and schedules.

Beijing Water Conservation: Reviewed options to conserve water beyond the extensive measures already applied in Beijing, including reusing up to 2 billion m3/d highly treated wastewater for urban wetlands, forest watering and managed aquifer recharge.

Green Industrial Development Options and Financing for Guangdong Province. Prepared an analysis of green industrial indicators used globally and in China; reviewed Guangdong’s current green industry policies; surveyed Guangdong industries and conducted onsite interviews; recommended a green indicator framework for transforming Guangdong’s industry; and provided a corresponding financing package and project pipeline.

Sanitation and Solid Waste Sector Assessment (China). Assessed national policies and technologies for waste recycling, reuse and disposal. Analyzed current municipal and industrial trends towards incineration and the decreasing landfill use. Prepared cost and benefit analysis for recycling, reuse and for new climate friendly landfill technologies versus incineration.

Improving the Survivability, Growth and Cost for Urban Forests. Developed the approach and technology plan to render fecal sludge safe and then apply safely to urban forests, improving tree growth and reducing fresh water use.

Mitigation Technology Assessment.  Reviewed climate mitigation technologies for Qingdao, a coastal tourist city of 6 million people.  Recommended methods for controlling coastal erosion; and a plan for water and energy security by employing a combination of renewable energy and pumped storage.

Climate Adaptation Approaches for Vietnam.  Reviewed climate adaptation needs and developed a climate adaptation project pipeline for Northern, Central and South (Mekong) Vietnam. Worked on financing methods for the recommended adaptation projects.

Decreased Energy Use by 75% with Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems. Installed on design build bases over 200 low energy, decentralized wastewater treatment systems in over 10 Asian cities.  Many systems used 50% less energy and required minimal operation and maintenance, a common cause of system failure in Asia. All met relevant environmental discharge standards.